Haining Wang(Haining Wang)Group Chief Executive Officer

I founded Happy Elements in 2009.
At that time, games were made mainly for gamers. I wanted to make casual, fun, and playable games not only for gamers, but for people all around the world.

Even six years after founding this company, those feelings are unchanged. In 2010, just one year after being founded, we began operations in Japan. Japan is the most cutting edge place for mobile games. In order to learn the know-how behind that, we established a local presence and attracted top class talent in Japan.

We have excellent talent and technology from both Japan and China, as well as a deep understanding of both cultures. With Happy Elements bridging the gap between Japan and China, we plan to continue delivering the best in entertainment to users in Japan, China, and all over the world.

And that entertainment doesn’t stop with games. We continue to delight people far beyond the realm of games, with anime, manga, and even movies. We will continue to strive every day to provide more fun and a more interactive entertainment experience, so please stay tuned for future developments from Happy Elements.

The founder of Happy Elements. His career started with roles in the earliest Internet companies, ChinaRen and Sohu. Then he worked in marketing, sales, and consulting in leading foreign tech companies including IBM, Oracle, and SAP. He then became senior director of China’s major SNS service “RenRen”, where he was in charge of monetization for the RenRen, as well as leading the launch of China’s first social game and social game platform. He graduated from China’s Wuhan University.

Chiamin Lai(Chiamin Lai)CEO of Happy Elements Asia Pacific

Born in Taiwan, raised in Japan, and with business experience in Europe, my career has become to “take what Japan is proud of and push it globally” and to “forge a Japan that can compete in the world”.

Happy Elements Asia Pacific is a company established in order to realize those exact goals. Taking advantage of our strengths in the digital content field along with those of high-caliber creators in Japan, we hope to create content loved by users in the continually expanding Asian market.

That said, Japanese know-how doesn’t necessarily carry over to overseas markets. But we strongly believe that overcoming these differences in business practices and culture will contribute to Japan’s ability to continually challenge the world market.

Appointed as manager at the strategy consulting firm “Monitor Group” and Lawson Software, Chiamin has over 10 years of international management experience leading international products connecting Japan and the west. After that, she was appointed as Vice President of “DCM Ventures”, one of the world’s top 100 venture capital firms, investing with a focus on the Japanese and Chinese tech fields. She has also been a strategic adviser for a number of start-ups. She joined Happy Elements in 2014 and founded Happy Elements Asia Pacific, heading up general group strategy, investment, and new business development measures. She graduated from International Christian University, and obtained an MBA from IE Business School and a masters in supply chain management from MIT-Zaragoza.

Motoki Arai(Motoki Arai)CEO of Happy Elements K.K.

Our immediate goal is to become the No. 1 network game developer in Asia with the Happy Elements group.

We’d like to deliver joy and excitement to many people through games, following our philosophy of “bringing happiness to the people of the world, even if its only a little”.

I’m sure there are people who think that this is a “tremendously large dream”. However, our company has gotten to where it is now and continues its growth not by leaps and bounds, but by taking things one step at a time. By firmly placing one foot in front of the other and pushing ourselves a little bit more today than we did yesterday, we will continue to take that solid leap into the future.

Motoki was the CTO of a gaming company “Drecom”, listed in TSE Mothers. In 2009. he founded his own company and joined Happy Elements K.K in 2011. Able to quickly grasp user’s needs to match with the trend, he is extremely adept at developing innovative services. Happy Elements K.K. has been continually developing hit titles including the popular Ensemble Stars. He graduated from Kyoto University.

Cong Ling
Chief Technical Officer

After gaining experience as the Chief Technical Officer for My Space China as well as a technical expert at Microsoft and China Telecom’s Guangzhou Research Institute, Cong joined the Technology and Development Department of the Happy Elements team in 2010. He is also involved in development and management for hardcore game studios. He graduated from Shanghai’s Fudan University.

Rony Xu
Board Member and Senior Vice President

In university Rony launched the SNS “5Qzone.ne”, which was popular with Chinese university students and even hit 900th place for world traffic according to ALEXA. After selling it to RenRen in 2005, he was appointed as senior manager, where he was involved with platform operation and social game development, becoming one of China’s first social game producers. Rony co-founded Happy Elements in 2009, and is responsible for the management and game development operations for the Shanghai subsidiary. He graduated from China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and then went on to receive his Master’s degree from England’s Imperial College London.

Joshua Jiang
Vice President of Social Casual Division

Joshua was in charge of development for social casual games at RenRen, and worked as the senior engineer at a Chinese EC company,Souchang.com. He co-founded Happy Elements in 2009, where he is responsible for managing the entire Social Casual Division. He graduated from Dalian Maritime University.

Jason Gan
Vice President of Social Casual Division

Jason was in charge of engineers and game producers at RenRen before co-founding Happy Elements in 2009. He produced Happy Elements’ first game “Happy Fish”and he is in charge of development management for China’s No. 1 social casual game “Anipop”. He graduated from Central China Normal University.