Bringing More Joy to the World

Not only entertaining users, but contributing to society

Since the founding of Happy Elements, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been a deeply rooted part of our company culture. Now and in the future, we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities as corporate citizens. In the field of education and disaster recovery, we have been working actively with charity organizations. We also believe that CSR is not a short-term promotional activity, but instead needs to be continued with medium- and long-term efforts. In addition, we have an internal charity club, where all employees are encouraged to participate in charity activities.

CSR Activities

Protecting “Smiles”

We have continued to donate to orphanages in the Zhao region of China’s Hebei province since 2011. Those donations have been used to build kitchens and rooms, as well as for creation of their websites. In addition to donating books and appliances, we spend holidays with the children, supporting their growth. For Children’s Day in 2014 we also created a short film with them titled “Love is simple”.

Lending support, especially during difficult times

We donated towards the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, as well as the China Sichuan Earthquake of 2014.

Fighting hunger through lunches

In August 2012 we partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme (WPF) in its unveiling of the “Defeat Hunger Activity” online campaign, and were able to provide 600,000 school lunches for students in Laos with the funds collected.

These activities were aimed at eliminating child hunger and at encouraging parents to proactively enroll their children in schools.

Supporting the charity musical “Dream of Firefly”

In October 2013, Happy Elements helped endorse “Dream of Firefly”, a charity musical for supporting patients with rare diseases, by offering donations such as game machines, as well as by having our designers create posters and stage backgrounds for the event.

Donating shoes for children

In March 2014, the Anipop team, along with the NPO “Operating Blessing” donated shoes to orphans and children in remote locations.

Supporting education

As a charity fund member for the Chinese game industry, in March 2015 we helped with the construction of elementary schools in the outlying regions of China’s Sichuan province.